May 10th, 2021

Club Announcements

BCCC Board Election Announcement

Beach Cities Cycling Club will hold elections for the Board of Directors in June. The newly elected officers will be installed at the annual meeting in July for a two year period.


Applications for board positions opens with the publication of this notification and closes at midnight on SATURDAY 29 MAY.

Applicants shall submit their intention to run for office via email to the President Gary Parsons, and the Secretary, Susan Callaway, stating the board position they wish to fulfill and ideas that demonstrate how their board service will benefit the BCCClub.

Open positions are:

Vice President

The Vice President in the absence of the President shall perform all duties and have all powers of the President. The Vice President shall have such other duties as may be assigned by the President or board.


The Treasurer shall furnishocause to be furnished, complete set of books of the accounts , which shall include preparing and maintaining a set of standard ledgers, depositing funds and rendering statements, and opening such books of accounts to inspection by any Board Member, Officer, or member. The Treasurer shall provide and prepare a year-end statement and shall make an annual report to the membership, if requested by the Board.

Member at Large

The Member at Large shall exercise and perform such powers and duties as may be assigned to him/her by the President or Board.



The election will be monitored by a Voting Oversight Committee. The duty of this committee is to ensure the election follows the process and is fair and impartial.

Members who wish to serve on the Voting Oversight Committee shall apply via email to the President, Gary Parsons, and the Secretary, Susan Callaway, Applications must be submitted no later than midnight on SATURDAY 22 MAY. The requirement for VOC applicants is that they shall be BCCC members in good standing, i.e., their membership must be current at the time of application. Current board members are not eligible to serve on the VOC. A minimum of one member is required for the VOC.

Election voting will be via the polling feature built into the club's website. All members in good standing, i.e. membership dues are current or are within the 30 grace period for late dues, are eligible to vote. Voting is secret.



09 May 2021: Call for open board positions and VOC membership.

22 May 2021: VOC member application period closes.

29 May 2021: VOC selected from applicants.

29 May 2021: Board member application period closes.

12 June 2021: Election ballot distributed.

26 June 2021: Balloting closes.

03 July 2021: Election count complete.

10 July 2021: Run-off election complete in the event of a tie.

Covid-19 Club Ride Rules

Do not participate in any ride if you are feeling unwell.
  1. All riders must have a face covering (masks, buffs, neck gaiters, etc.).
  2. Face coverings must be worn and “up” anywhere the group gathers for more than a few minutes (lowering for photos is acceptable) when social distancing cannot be maintained, e.g.:
    - Ride start
    - Mechanical stops (flats, chain drops, etc.)
    - Water and bathroom stops 
  3. Wearing face coverings is recommended whenever possible during the ride.
  4. If a rider feels that it is their right not to wear a face covering, they should not participate in the club rides.

On Bun Rides or any food stops, please be aware of and adhere to the local county's rules on indoor and outdoor dining and gathering (e.g., rules on how many unvaccinated people from mixed households may sit closer than six feet, etc.). 


Sponsor's Corner

A feature highlighting services provided by our sponsors

A complete list of your sponsors is below

CB Loans

Looking for a home or other kind of loan?

BCCC member, Craig Barton knows the loan industry inside and out. He loves technology and uses it to make the loan process easy, fast, and affordable.

He works extended hours as a convenience to his clients and with his portable scanner and laptop can work at your home or place of business as easily as at his office.

People trust and enjoy doing business with him… so much so that almost every client refers new clients to CB Loans.

Craig is an avid cyclist and is a Sponsor of many bike clubs in the Beach Cities area, such as Beach Cities Cycling Club, Ironfly, Bike Palace, and Southbay Wheelmen.

Obscure Strava Segments

A newsletter feature highlighting little known Strava segments.

Only 12 riders including 2 BCCC members have recorded a time on the Peninsula Verde Dr segment. The KOM may be hard to get, but the QOM is within reach.

Thus far there has been no interest in this feature, so let's add another segment; I hate right hand turn springs!

This segment climbs up Firthridge Road from Indian Valley Road, only 10 riders have recorded a time including 2 BCCC members. Who will take the KOM from Axer Bloodprince? The QOM is easily up for grabs!

The Week in Photos...

O.M., Monica, Susan & Bob at Sacks in the City


Tuesday - A large group of unemployables rode to the Hollywood Sign, including first timers Leila and Scott


Thursday riders visit the KAWS BFF statue again in Playa Vista.


Saturday - L4 riders line up at bucolic Rustic Creek

L3 riders ready for launch at NAS Pt. Magu

L1/L2 riders, a big ride, a big group at Big Rock

L1/L2 riders pacing through Hidden Valley


Sunday - John, Bob and O.M. somewhere near Malaga Cove

Saturday, May 15th Rides

Access route sheets and the club calendar by going here.

Helmets are required on all Club Rides.

Front and rear lights are recommended.

The L1 ride is a remote start from El Camino Real Park, 400 N Main St, Orange, CA 92868 at 7:30am.

All other rides start at the usual time and place.

L1-Santiago Century

100 miles, 6500 feet elevation gain

Level One led by Tim O'Crowley

L2-PV-Seal Beach-Bogart's

63 miles, 1900 feet elevation gain

Level Two led by Craig Sussman

L3-San Gabriel River Trail

47 miles, 1000 feet elevation gain

Level Three led by Bill Ungar

L4-USS Iowa & Return

40 miles, 1000 feet elevation gain

Level Four led by TBD

When it is either actively raining or the ride route has wet roads, or otherwise unsafe riding conditions, it is club policy to cancel a club ride.  Club members may still choose to meet and ride in these conditions; however, the ride will not be considered an official club ride.

Avocado Toast Tuesday 

Ride with The Unemployables.  Being retired or unemployed not required, although highly recommended. Routes vary from week to week, usually 40 to 50 miles.

The May 11th ride is Porto's via 182nd St

Lot's of pastries to choose from, or go full Cuban with Medianoche or Ropa Vieja 

44 miles, 900 feet.

Meet up time:  9AM at Cap'n Kidds.

The Wednesday Hilly Ride

This is a great training ride, short sharp climbs and descents on the west side of PV with plenty of ocean views, 24 miles with 1800 feet of elevation. Riders climb at their own pace, there are many regroup points, nobody gets left behind.

The ride starts from Captain Kidd's at 4pm.

Craig Sussman leads this week.

Here's the route

Ballona Creek Thursday ride

Join George at Manhattan Beach Pier, ready to ride at 9:00am.

Here's the route, the ride ends at Bonaparte's Cafe.

Twenty five miles, the pace...not too fast, not too slow. 

NiteRiderz on Thursday evening.

Meet at Malaga Cove Plaza at 5:30pm. L1/L2 pace.

Lights front and rear required, the front light must illuminate the road ahead.

"Bob's" Award Winning Bun Ride

Yellow Vase, Malaga Cove is the destination on Friday, May 14th. Nineteen miles with some climbing.

9:00am start at Captain Kidd's, Sim Ezzes leads.



A bicycle as a means of transportation



Please email club or cycling related photos and articles to

No later than 8:30pm Sunday

Please include a note identifying riders and where the photo was taken.

The Editor


Click on the above link to the Club's ride calendar for complete description of rides and links to maps & route slips.

Saturday 8:00 AM

Parking Lot Adjacent to Captain Kidd's

All levels.

Occasional remote starts.

9:00 AM 

Parking Lot Adjacent to Captain Kidd's

Rides 12-30+ miles around PV

All levels

9:00 AM

Parking Lot Adjacent to Captain Kidd's

Route varies, 40-70+ miles

L2 Pace

Wednesday 4:00 PM

Parking Lot Adjacent to Captain Kidd's

Pace dictated by riders, regroups often

Hilly 24 miles

Thursday 9:00 AM

Manhattan Beach Pier

Ballona Creek/Westchester Pkwy

About 30 miles r/t

Ride usually ends at a

Hermosa Beach coffee shop

Pace dictated by riders

Thursday 5:30 PM Nightriderz 

Malaga Cove Plaza, Palos Verdes


Friday 9:00 AM:

"Bob's" Bun Ride

Parking Lot Adjacent to Captain Kidd's

L4 Pace 20-40 miles



Gary Parsons

Vice President:

Mario Obejas


Susan Callaway


Leila Grantz


Peter Richardson

Ride Leader Coordinators:

Matthew Peck

Mario Obejas

Adult Cycling Education Coordinator:


Youth Education Coordinators:

Steve Reichlin

Susan Callaway

Social Coordinator:

Kristen McDonald

Membership Coordinator:

Linda Wien

Sponsorship Coordinator:

Lesley Siegel

Insurance Coordinator:

Gary Parsons

Newsletter Editor:

Peter Richardson

Bike Corral Coordinator:

David Hui

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